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I bought small wooden clothes pegs with these bunnies glued on and sawed them off. The flowers are made by me and the vase is from my "lid collection. - 03-2018
The grass is a decoration ribbon from felt that I bought somewhere.

Setting for the A-Z Challenge D - 03-2018
Roombox: Minimagine / Doors: gift from Cathleen / Interior: Sofa by IT, magazines by friends, everything else by me

Day of...
2018-02-03 National Carrot Cake Day
The Brazilian carrot cake was a gift from a friend which the Lady got longtime ago. Now she pimped it up by adding the green to the carrots.

Day of...
2018-01-18 American Gourmet Coffee Day
This is the way the Lady likes to cook and drink her coffee. Luckily we have such a coffee maker even in 1:6.

Day of...
2018-01-17 Anniversaire de l'Art
The Lady made two Art objects. One is made of an interesting looking piece of bark on a stand made from wire and clay.
The other is a pendant she has found lately at the jewelry corner of a DIY store. It's stand is made from wire and balsawood stained with coffee grounds.
The small jars are pearls from the same DIY store.

Day of...
On Internet the Lady found a list with funny feast days:
2018-01-10 Houseplant Day
2018-01-11 National Milk Day and Day of the German Apple
This was the inspiration for a picture. Pallet table, apples, milk and plant made by her.

New Year Vignette - 12-2017
The props all come from my stock or were crafted by the Lady. The sideboard is a holder for flowers which Kathi gaves us years ago and which is usually in the dolls dining room together with the big mirror
(coaster). The Chalk-Board, the clock faces and the cylinder are made of paper, cardboard and balsa wood, the binoculars are a gift of CdP and the horseshoe as well as the big vase we had at hand.
So also the Champagne bottle and the glasses (homemade champagne from Scenic-Water) which are putted on the lid of a box of Mattel chocolates. The black chair is the only new item in the photo.

Advent decoration. - 12-2017

Autumnal outdoor decoration. - 10-2017


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