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The flickr game started by Lani Joan was continued in February. First week was Monogram week. - 02-2016
My chance for a new pic.

Sabine made this sexy pleather skirt and she also gifted me the necklace. Her Dasha wears the same design in black. - 03-2013

At the end of a year, we always do a group shot of the newcomers of the year. I'm wearing the suit of Obsidian Society. - 12-2010

On the list of our favourised Top Designers we have a new name: V.Jhon. Here I'm modeling MOI VI.
Shoes and tights are my owns, the necklace is by Frau E. (an other well known name from above list). - 10-2010

A little wig-playing. Wearing Andro's wig, the wig Stormy Weather, a Mohair wig and the wig from QotH Natalia. - 08-2010

Next day we had an outdoor shooting. - 08-2010

The first shooting is done inside, together with Andro of course. - 08-2010

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