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More pics wearing HSD jeans and a shirt by Frau E. - 02-2019

After the group photo each of us got a solo shooting as well. Posing in A Fabulous Life Rayna's dress. - 02-2019

Group photo to celebrate the Black History Month. This is pic 6/7, they are showing us in the oder of our arrival here. - 02-2019

Wig fun with friends. - 10-2018

Wig number two by Culte de Paris. The Casual Wrap Style Wig. So fun! - 10-2018

Three new wigs arrived! All by the sweet and so talented Julia / Culte de Paris. Here I'm modeling the black edgy bob wig. - 10-2018

That's my entry (nominated. yess) for the A-Z Challenge 2.0: Y - Yellow and two other pics from the shooting.
My sweater is by Tetyana from Microknits and I'm wearing a customized wig. - 10-2018

TAG Game: Who wears it better...??? - 05-2018

Febr. 22 was Walking the Dog Day. For this occasion I put on my brand new elenpriv outfit. - 02-2018
Isn't it fantastic how the knit sweater and the slacks go together! And the pouch bag works great, too. I'm wearing FR booties and the shooting was hold at the roombox by Minimagine.

Our Flickr Year 2016

Posing in the fabulous Dagamo dress. - 12-2016

For the recapitulation photo of the year 2016 I'm wearing a dress by Dagamoart and FR shoes. - 12-2016

Sweater by VanaDesign and Jeans by HSD. The wig is by Tabloach. - 12-2016

Urban streetwear is the A-Z theme in November. For this pic I wear new HSD skinnys with a sweater and poncho by VanaDesign. And yes, I'm wearing a wig by tabloach.
The fabulous pillows in the shop window behind me are a birthday present from Alegra. - 11-2016

The first pic was my participation for the A-Z Challenge theme Queen of Africa. It made it into the nominees and has gotten two votes. - 09-2016

Then, just for fun, a laarge shotting with my headwrap in focus. - 05-2016

Of course we did an Outside shooting as well. It was so much fun! - 05-2016

Have you ever seen more beautiful ethnic dresses as these colorful gems by DollStatic! First some pics taken inside. - 05-2016

Three of us got new new dresses for spring by ateliernishasha. Adore mine, the Silica dress. - 03-2016

I got a short houndsthoot coat by VanaDesign. It's great to wear over First Blush Ayumi's dress (love the shoes!!) and it matches my original outfit perfectly as well. - 02-2016
Tonight, I'm rocking the FRantastica!

Today I'm modeling an outfit made by VanaDesign. The purse is by Dollsalive. - 02-2016

Last but not least I tried on the Hermes dresses by Mattel. - 01-2016

How do I look in the suit of Sinatra Barbie? - 01-2016

Next I picked an outfit with a Zebra pattern and then the dress from Hollywood Nails Barbie. - 01-2016

Several redressings and a huge shooting are the best way to cement a friendship. - 01-2016
Frist pics: wearing some shawls from a Candi doll.

I'm the first gal arrived here in 2016. - 01-2016

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