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New Year Vignette - 12-2017
The props all come from my stock or were crafted by me. The sideboard is a holder for flowers which Kathi gave me years ago and which is usually in the dining room of my dolls together with the big mirror
(coaster). The Chalk-Board, the clock faces and the cylinder are made of paper, cardboard and balsa wood, the binoculars are a gift of CdP and the horseshoe as well as the big vase I had at hand.
So also the Champagne bottle and the glasses (homemade champagne from Scenic-Water) which I put on the lid of a box of Mattel chocolates. The black chair is the only new item in the photo.

Advent decoration. - 12-2017

Autumnal outdoor decoration. - 10-2017

This is my entry for the Perfect Picture Challenge, Picture in Picture. It shows me before and after my makeover at Seloj Spa. - 02-2017

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