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Under my X-mas tree I found from Cathleen a pretty tunic, a cookbook and a book with pictures from Thailand so as several currys to be able to cook Thai.
From Sabine I got a chic ITBE dress including necklace and pumps. - 12-2010

When you go back to 2007, you can find a pic of me before my Spa Treatment wearing the same cute outfit by Gwen. - 12-2010

My friends from Munic came to visit me. - 11-2010
We had a lot of fun together. We went to the opening of the new Cafe THE BOX...

and made pics of Stefan at the office, Cat in my dining room...

and Marcel at the FRantastica.

Guess what! Karusia and I have our own TV Show. You can't imagine that? Look here! You have to scroll down a just a little bit and you see the show.
Btw, don't miss to look at the fabulous story of Desperately Real Housewives of Dollyland! - 10-2010

I got fabulous birthday gifts. This wonderful ruffled longblouse, handmade by Cathleen and selfmade jewellry by Sabine which you can see in the close-up pics.- 09-2010

At the Barbie Convention in Wiesbaden/Germany I met my dear friends from Munic. - 09-2010

Yep! I got new shoes. Those I wanted for so long. The shoes from PC Erin. Thank you so much, Karusia! - 08-2010

Experimenting with a new coiff. Silvana made me a crochet wig. It's funny, isn't it! - 05-2010

And more and more and more pics of me. LOL But what would you do, when you where completely redone? That has to be celebrated! - 05-2010

Next day, we made some close-ups. - 04-2010

What a good feeling to be back again! - 04-2010

I arrived home on a lovely springy day. - 04-2010

I spent an amazing and thrilling and exciting time at Jon's place and he was so kind, to make a SITE for me on his page after the makeover.
I'm so proud to be part of his gallery!
- 03-2010

I will go to Seloj Spa! Can you imagine, how excited I'am. - 10-2009

I start into the new season in a dress by Frau E. - 09-2009

It's still fresh this April, I'm relaxing in a sweater by VanaDesign with stockings and shawl by Frau E. - 04-2009

Here I wearing a grey sweater dress by VanaDesign with the yellow accessories... but there are some people thinking that yellow is not a good color for me. - 01-2009

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