dot - In magazines you can find pictures of art prints of considerable artists. Cut it out, make a frame for the picture and finished is the wall decoration.
dot A tip from Beryl Ellison
To make a great picture for a diorama, find a used stamp that you enjoy and turn it into a framed painting. I trim the edges, mount the stamp on thick paper and place it in the chosen frame. These make great pictures and are fairly inexpensive - I buy one of those bags of several hundred stamps from a store and then chose my pictures. Ocassionally, if a stamp is just a little too small, I will scan it, enlarge it and print it on photo paper. You have to be careful with this, though, or you'll end up with a fuzzy "painting". I made a "Turn of the Century-1901" diorama several years ago, that I no longer have, unfortunately, and used scanned old family photos to make my "old-timey" framed photos. I still have these. They're great. Your possibilities are only as small or as great as your imagination.

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