dot Genuine mini plants are most realistic, but they need water.
dot The supply at beautiful artificial plants is large, and they keep eternal.
dot For these plants I made zincked pots from Fimo. The little trees are from the craft store. Fill the pot with airdrying modelling clay, put in the trees and let it dry.
Then apply transparent drying glue onto the white surface and coat it with dryed coffee grounds (earth).
dot - But you can make the plants yourselves. You need a small plant pot, Fimo or a putting mass in brown as earth, green plant wire, green Crpe paper and spray adhesive. Cut the double number of desired leafs those the plant has to have, spray on the adhesive to one side of the leafs, put a piece of plant-wire between two leafs as stacks and press the leafs together. Fill the pot with putting mass or Fimo and put in the stacks.
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