dot Shauna My name is Shauna Townsend and I'm Interior-Designer at Bambolapoli. I created an upholstry for my own flat, consisting of a sofa for three, two chairs and a coffee table. I hope to be able to present you my complete living room soon, but I'm still searching for the right carpet. What I want, I now exactly, of course!
Materials for 1 sofa and 2 chairs:
- 14 empty Cigarette boxes (Box)
- bulky red felt
- 12 L-shaped angle irons (2 pces needed per foot)
- Newspaper
- Glue

- Stuff all cigarette boxes for the increase of the firmness with paper.
- For the seat, glue together 5 boxes on their longer sides (2 pces for each chair).
- For the backrest, glue together 3 boxes on their shorter sides. For the chairs, you use onl one single box as backrest.
- Glue a piece of felt on the shorter sides of the elements.
- Enwrap the seat with felt. On the backside (where the seat and the backrest will be glued together) let overlap the felt so far as a box is wide.
- Enwrap the backrest in same manner and let free the area where it will be glued to the seat. The finally downwards area of the backrest has not to be pasted with felt.
- Glue together seat and backrest.
- The overlapping felt from the seat will yet glued onto the lower area of the backrest. Cut in the sidewards overlapping parts, fold them up and glue.
- As feet I used angle irons, two for each feet. Bring them in position and glue them down.

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