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A-Z Challenge 3.0 has started. Darius and I were modelling for B - Bathtub/Bath Time - 10-2019

Everybody here wanted to wear the Sinatra Suit for a Flickr Tag Game this month. So I tried it on as well. Ooookay, maybe not really my color... - 01-2019

We had the pleasure to model for a personal Greeting Card for Margarita. - 12-2016

Oh my gosh - look what we've got!!! The lady had a visit from her friend Cathleen who brought her this amazing present: miniatures of real glass doors. - 05-2016
We are so excieted that we can't hardly wait the lady will build a construction who will made the doors work as slide doors. And, by the way, the yummy cake is from Cathleen as well.

As a huge lover of HSD I'm totally happy about these new springy Skinnys in Midday Denim. And my Huey Leon shoes are the perfect match. - 04-2016
I also got a logo shirt by Levitation, just love it!

Showing off my new summer outfit. - 07-2015
New are the cool jeans skirt by HSD, the trendy shoes by Huey Leong, the fab beach bag by ateliernishasha and the actual issue of DerPuppe.
The Mattel blouse is older but still cute.

Here we are, all the dolls from 2014. - 12-2014
We are modeling the Urban Safari Collection by Vana Design, each dress is different.

Happy New Year from the Elise's and the Dasha's. - 12-2014
Elise wears a Culte de Paris Outfit, Caira a dress by KK, me a dress by Dagamo, I'm wearing top and pants by IT and Dasha a top by Gabriele and leggins by VanaDesign.

Fire and me enjoying golden November days. - 11-2014

Now I even have the right boots to go with my Levitation pants and shirt. I wear Joan Jett's Jacket with it. - 10-2014

From the Fashion Doll Convention at Wiesbaden I've got an outfit by Levitation - 09-2014

Some impressions of the Pool Billiard Party the newcomers of 2014 and all girls celebrating Birthday in June acclaimed. - 08-2014
More photos here.
I'm wearing shorts by DMA, a top borrowed from Flava and shoes by minibarbie.

Holidays on Island Hvar (Croatia). - 07-2014

Modeling Urban Safari 1 (gift for Sabine). - 06-2014

Again wearing "Bucata" but this time with new shoes by Habilisdolls. So cool! - 05-2015

¡qué gracia! Now two of us are coming from Spain. To honour this fact we prepared Paella together. Plus a fresh salad and a nice wine it was the perfect meal four our Spanish Evening. - 04-2014

A relaxing afternoon at the patio in a cozy nice outfit by Frau E. - 04-2014

Today I show you the Ladys latest findings: Concrete Flower Pots. Btw, my outfit is made by VanaDesign. - 04-2014

I have lots of fun here. Here's a shot of me and AP Dasha. - 04-2014

Hola, my name is Marga. I'm coming from Spain and I'm rerooted and repainted by Marga. - 04-2014

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