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This pic was taken for the A-Z game but finally the lady participated with one of my older pictures. - 04-2018

Now on a Tall FR Body (from Easy Elegance Korinne). Dress is made by Cathleen. - 02-2014

This is a sari made by KuzeyCreations, jewelry be DeZyns - 11-2006

Cozy hours at home - 08-2006

Jewelry by Shahab 06-2006

An other sari by Oriental Boutique in splendid colors - 05-2006

Here I'm at the beach together with my friends - 04-2006

Pajama Party in April at Vanina's. All girls are wearing their new pajamas by Julie. 04-2006

Wearing my sisters red Sari by Oriental Boutique - 04-2006

Niri and I in our new sari's by Oriental Boutique - 04-2006

Here I'm playing arround with some dessous - 03-2006

Niri and I, dancing in new sari's by Oriental Boutique - 03-2006

Here I'm wearing a corset by MIO, a black bra and a fishtail skirt by Shahab Dolldesign - 03-2006

Niri and I, sitting on my bed - 02-2006

Pillows by VanaDesign for my bed - 02-2006

Here I'm wearing a Birthston gown by Mattel and I have some figures for wall decoration in my room - 02-2006

This rich jewelry is made by Dee - 01-2006

Niri borrowed my her earrings - 01-2006

A lovely shot of my sister Niri and me - 01-2006

My first sari by Oriental Boutique - 12-2005

The first pic after my arrival in Switzerland - 10-2005

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