Easy Elegance Korinne 01-2013
selojdesigns OOAK
Easy Elegance Korinne Dimas
by Jason Wu

In my collection since: January 2013
Edition: 2011, Size 500 (1)
Sculpt: Korinne
Skin Tone: Latino
Hair color: Red Black Mix
Makeup: Her hair is cut into a stylish bob. Jon moved her original middle part to a side part and added grant a wish red hair at the front left side of her part.
Her eyes are a mixture of chocolate and golden brown with tan and golden rod highlights.
Her eye shadow is taupe with light charcoal and a violet purple lining the upper edges.
Her lips are blended shades of azalea blush and frosted pink.
Body type: FR Tall, Handspeak System
Upgrades: NuFace 2.0 from In Sequins Anja, detachable, Handspeak System - Feb. 2014

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