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One more body switch, now I have a NU2 body. - 03-2017

The Lady ordered some FR2013 Replacement bodys and I was nominated to get one in skintone white. - 03-2016
I'm very happy about that, as the hip joints of my original body becamed a bit loose over the years.

I'm back on my original body. The Monogram Body was needed by someone else. Today I am Mia Sato, the Vanessa Mea of Bambolapoli. - 10-2014

New body, new style. I'm now on a Monogram Body (Best Drama's) and I'm wearing a lovely dress by Levitation. It's autumn, so I had to wear a little sweater with it. - 09.2014

HSD started to make the Signature Jeans in FR size and I'm modeling the first sold pair. What an honor and what a pleasure!
My Homme Shirt is by WU, borrowed LM Imogens boots, hat and belt from the DGs and the jewelry is by Dezyn's by Joy. - 12-2011

We had so much fun, modeling the brandnew Skinny Jeans made by Kimberlee of Hazel Street Dezigns! - 02-2010

I had the honor to model this fab jewellry by Dezyn's by Joy, called Fashion Victim. Huge hugs to Judie and Jeanne who where my helpful shipping buddies. - 03-2009

Aysun's mom made this lovely sweater for me. - 11-2007

Wearing a chic mix from RC, Yorkie and my own Bathing suit - 01-2007

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