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A-Z Challenge 3.0 is running. For theme F - Frozen I'm giving the Icequeen. - 11-2019
First shown is the competition pic follwed by an other one of this shooting.
Credits: Gown by Aquatalis, Bolero by IT, Boots by Dollsalive, Earrings by Culte de Paris, Bracelets by Vanadesign

Oh look, a hedgehog! - 10-2016

I got a Brit Shirt made by Stella. I wear it with skinnys by HSD and a coat by Habilisdolls. - 10-2016

In September 2016 I've got a NU Face2 Body and in October I had a shooting for the flickr A-Z challenge Rain Gear. - 09-2016

I had the honor to be this years Halloween girl. - 10-2013

I love all shades of purple and I love HSD. So "Visions of Sugarplum" by HSD is just perfect for me! Aren't these jeans cooler than cool! - 01-2012

Last weekend was the Barbie Convention in Wiesbaden/Germany. Silvana camed home with this cool chair, an amazing shirt by Nina with a hand painted lion head and a purple catsuit by Jutta.- 09-2010

We look more than hot in our faded and destroyed jeans by Kimberlee! And both of us are wearing shirts by Vana Design. - 04-2010

My friend Lillith and me, we both like leggings. Mine are by Frau E. and so is my sweater.. - 03-2010

To celebrate New Year, we made a group shot of all new citicens of the year 2009. I'm wearing a gown by Mattel. - 12-2009

Frau E. made this gown especially for me. 08-2009

Here I'm trying out, which other colors than black I can wear. 07-2009

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