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A-Z Challenge 3.0 is running. I participated theme Z - Zoom!. - 07-2020
First shown is the competition pic (nominated) follwed by other pics of this shooting. Fashion credits: Vest borrowed from Harley Ken and ClearLan Jeans.

Review 2019 - Let's Party, friends! - 12-2019
Fashion credits: Annik - Jumper from Chrome Noir Erin, Shoes by Shantommo
Fashion credits: me - Trousers and shirt from other Hommes
Fashion credits: Benita - Jumper and Shoes by Shantommo

Happy 4th Advent! Santa is on the road... - 12-2019

Happy 2nd Advent! - 12-2019

Just some test shots for my Santa outfit. - 12-2019

Just chilling... - 09-2019

I'm giving the bad boy but in fact I'm more a thinker. - 09-2019

Hello I'm Zane! I was delivered with NF boxers, NF slippers and a watch. That's not that much. So I need something to wear and some help with my hair. - 09-2019

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