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I made it to the Flickr Year pic 2019! - 01-2020

We're about to explore Cartonissetta. - 08-2019
But in the early afternoon nobody is on the road except us tourists. We should come back later or we won't have a chance to meet any local girls.

At the current temperatures we are glad about shorts and a some shade. - 08-2019
Denim Shirt: ClearLan/ Shorts: ebay (jindia)

Shoveling snow is the seasonal workout - 01-2019
Sweater jacket: DorA / Shirt: ClearLan / Shawl: Pinkscroll / Jeans: HSD / Boots: ebay / Showel: by the Lady

A-Z Challenge 2.0: U - Undercover - 08-2018

Me and my buddys for the tag game "Men". - 01-2018

Honey, I really have no idea where your coat and pants are... But I got you a new hat. - 12-2017

Posing for the Tag Game "Blue eyes" - 08-2017

We spent a wonderful day at the open air bath. Our swimmwear is all by Culte de Paris. - 08-2016

At the cabin on a pretty nice day in February. - 02-2016

Doris from DorA made a charcoal version of Darius' navy sweater as well and I just love it. - 02-2016

We look as good as the Chippendales, don't we? - 01-2016

Me and Moya dancing into the new year. - 01-2016
I'm wearing pants by ClearLan and Darius' hat.

The traditional photo of the newcomers of the year. 12-2015

A new bench and something like a table for the cabin's porch. - 09-2015

Iye renovates his cabin. We think, that's an excellent idea. - 07-2015

Deal!! - 04-2015

We are best friends, not mather if the sun shines or not. hahaha - 04-2015

We are modeling for Levitation with some other guys living here. - 04-2015

My cousin Cole camed to live her too. - 04-2015

The Lady asked me to be her model for a Tag Game - well, you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. - 04-2015

She isn't here yet... I woun't let the door out of sight... Yessss, there she is... - 04-2015
Hi Moya, so nice to meet you again!

I want to meet Moya again... hope she will be at the FRantastica tonight too... and I want to look good for her... - 03-2015
I'm wearing my own jeans and shirt and Boss-like shoes by 7toys7.

I discovered Bambolapoli. Strolling through the city made me hungry, so a Dürüm was just fine. - 03-2015

Then I made a stop at the Cafeteria The Box for an Espresso. Of course I looked after the ladies as well...

Late in the evening I went to the Bar FRantastica for a beer. The Bar is very popular and I met a women who turned my head... Her name is Moya.

First I lived in Bologna/Italy with Lily. Now I moved to Silvana and was welcomed with a brandnew pair of Levitation pants.
She even designed and sewed a matching sweater for me on my first day here. I feel cherished, that's great. - 02-2015

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