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How do I look as Xmas angel? My Matisse-inspired gown is by VanaDesign. - 12-2008

This great yellow set by Frau E. is a Xmas gift from my dear friend Cat. - 12-2008

A birthday greeting for Dani. - 09-2008

Jacket and shirt are inspired by an outfit from Heine. The necklaces are from my studio to. - 06-2008

In honor to Kathi's birthday we all are wearing fashions by Frau E. - 03-2008

We also spent the last night of the year with our dear friends - 12-2007

Cisco and I celebrated Xmas in Munich with Cat, Stefan and Marcel - 12-2007

I'm such a pampered doll, I got a Frau E. pleather coat with scarf and the Louis Vuitton POM - 12-2007

I've got a fab outfit with furry boots by Gwendolyns Treasures - 12-2007

One more time I was at Cologne, meeting Rizzo, my friends from Munich and lots of other dear people. This cute and darling slippers are made by Julia - 11-2007

As birthday present from Ruth I got wooden kitchen accessories and a french breakfast - 09-2007

Francisco and I got beautyful traditional Bavarian costumes made by Cathleen - 09-2007

The first time my new friends Cat, Stefand and Marcel from Munich visited me - 07-2007

An outfit by Frau E. just for me and a new dining table by Weaver - what a great month! - 06-2007

I've got a new jewelry by Andrea - 04-2007

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