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Febr. 24 was World Bartender Day The moment to raise the bartender of the local Bar FRantastica from an extra to a protagonist. Our Flickr Year 2016

Merry Christmas to all my dolly friends! - 12-2016

Back at Hvar in autumn. All the wardrobe I taked with me is by ateliernishasha. - 10-2016

Modeling a brand new jumpsuit and belt by Marcelo Jacobs and silver sandals by Shantommo. - 07-2016

Arrived at Hvar, my most loved outfit to hang arround and to discover the island were the shorts by ateliernishasha and the Tee by VanaDesign. All what I needed
for a day in the sun I had with me in the great beach bag by ateliernishasha. Towel, a Mattel Bikini, Sun Blocker, Patato Chips, a bottle of water and something to read.
For Happy Hour and evening I wore a dress by TessCreations. - 07-2016

To spend the holidays at Hvar with "big me" I asked for a FR2013 body. As the lately purchased/traded bodys still were at Sabine's home Ayumi gave me hers, the one she's gotten in March. Yey! - 07-2016
Now I'm ready for take off. Pants by HSD, shirt by ClearLan, FR purse, Mattel luggage and shoes from ebay.

A close-up just for fun. - 01-2016

Photos for the Flickr Tag Gema "Interview with me" - 01-2016

Last wig check before cut off the excess material. - 12-2015

Work in progress downsizing the wig as it was a size 4.5 and I needed 4. - 12-2015

Christmas gifts - from Sabine we got all the red accessories and the dress Kyori is modeling. - 12-2015
Ciara wears the shirt from and by Jutta and I'm holding the Vogue she made for us.

For this years Christmas Cards I'm wearing a dress by KK and a new wig. - 12-2015

Some pics for Advent. - 12-2015

Summer is over and I took out the cozy sweaters and enjoy something warm to drink. - 10-2015

In September I travelled to the Fashion Doll Convention at Wiesbaden for a shopping weekend. Uhhh, somebody should have told me what a mess my hair was after that trip...
My faved stores where, as usual, Levitation and alegra and I came home with great stuff for my friends. - 09-2015

We enjoy the hot weather and a cool drink. - 07-2015

Happy V-Day!!! - 02-2015

New jackets (iPhone mantles) from - 01-2015

The place where I work. - 01-2015

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