Veronique's Blog

Posing together with Elu, the latest FR doll here, for a flickr tag game. - 10-2014

Presenting the Hermes POM (July) to the readers of FDN - 07-2008

Wearing a sweater set by RC - 01-2008

For my article in FDN 63 I posed in a sweater by VanaDesign, skirt, belt, scraf and Louis Vuitton POM (June) - 07-2007

For FDN 62 I hit the bike wearing the colorful Pucci Set by LaBoutique (March POM) - 04-2007

POM Outfit - 01-2007

POM Sept. 2006 - 09-2006

Fashion Fever Outfit and jewelry by Andrea - 07-2006

Pinkdots by Gwen and Dior POM - 02-2006

Boulevard Fashion - 08-2005
I joined the crew of FDN, the Swiss Magazine for Doll Collectors. I work quasi as Personal Shopper for the readers.

Now swaped on an expressive body, modeling Chocolate Obsession - 06-2005


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